With over 20 years experience in retail in a number of territories,  here is Clorinda’s story …

Clorinda first started working in retail in 1998, selling homewares in a premium boutique in Auckland’s affluent suburb Remuera, New Zealand. In 2000, she moved to fashion retail and began an unforgettable journey as a senior stylist at New Zealand’s leading fashion label WORLD. It is during those 7 years that her passion for fashion, beauty and retail was formed. She learned from what she calls “the best” and worked amongst truly inspirational and passionate creative mentors.

In 2007, Clorinda moved to Melbourne, Australia and began working in the wholesale business.  These years allowed her to cultivate a deep understanding of the fragrance sector while specialising in the distribution of exceptional brands such as Diptyque, Tocca, Miller & Bertaux, Linari, Cote Bastide, Nasomatto and Carthusia.

During the 3 years in Australia, Clorinda was still involved with the retail platform of the company handling not only hard to find niche fragrances, but also renowned homewares and fashion brands such as Astier de Villatte, Henry Dean, Santa Maria Novella, Tse Tse, Nilli Lotan, Nicole Fahri and Huminoid, amongst others.

In 2010, she moved to London, England and commenced employment in one of the industry’s key players in the distribution and production of niche art perfume. She then moved into a global role allowing her to further develop her knowledge and understanding of distribution strategy, retail, B2B and B2C sales, CRM, brand-to-market introductions, key department stores and independent distributor management and event management. In London, Clorinda also grew first hand her team from 3 to 15 co-workers, steadily opening counters, stores, managing teams across various territories, running an operation with a full 360 degree vision and balance sheet responsibility. 

For more information on Clorinda’s professional experience, please visit her LinkedIn profile here.

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“In short, Clorinda’s tremendous energy, organisational skills and vision have resulted in many Scoop/Intertrade collaborations which have been inspirational and press worthy.”

Managing Director Events (UK)