Clorinda Di Tommaso in an experienced Global Head with an extensive background in the luxury industry. She is a strong sales professional skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Retail, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Art Direction in a diverse number of local markets around the world, as well as in the global playing field.

The Clorinda Di Tommaso consultancy firm brings you directly to Clorinda, a senior consultant whose strong professional background in start-ups and SME’s looking to build their commercial strategy be in distribution or retail can parlay into business success for your venture.

Brand Portfolio
Parallel to the company’s consultancy work, Clorinda is building her own brand portfolio. This carefully selected collection of quality names in a highly curated edit in the beauty, wellness and lifestyle categories.  The brands chosen reflect Clorinda‘s own personal taste, outlook and values. Quality, Integrity and Soul are core.
Territories covered include UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

“Having worked with Clorinda for many years she is a trusted partner and her keen eye for emerging brands is always valuable. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Head of Buying (UK)

“Working with Clorinda was a highlight of my time as a fragrance buyer. She is dynamic and innovative, always looking for new ways in which we could grow our partnership. Clorinda shared our goal of growing niche brands, and finding ways to engage the customer and tell innovative retail stories. With Clorinda we could take risks on new brands, knowing that she would always support the strategy, and see it through to completion.”

Retail Director (UK)